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Discus fish

collection from various strains in our farm

We only provide high quality, good conditions and healthy

Discus Fish

As a experience discus exporter and breeder, the farms itself must be disease free and only the good quality with good shape are selected for our customers.

With our six year experience as a India Discus Breeder and Exporter, we continue to provide the highest quality to clients from all over the world.

We also trade other high quality discus beside our farm from selected breeder who practice good farm management. We are cooperating with a network of high quality breeder.

Quality control before shipment is the most important issue. We do double check the fish before the shipment arrives to you. All Fishes are selected at least three days before shipping for purging. Therefore, we ensure that shipment will arrive to you with best form and best condition.
We also provide Goldfish, Arowana and other Tropical Fish.
If you need more information or any photo and video clip, please send us an email to this address:

25A Mohinath Porel Lane Salkia,
 Howrah, West Bengal,