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Minimum order

Our minimum order is 6000.00 I.N.R..
However, orders below 45 kg will be charged at a higher rate by the airlines.
Weight of one box is estimated at 16-18 kg depending on the size of the fish ordered. So an order of at least 3 boxes is advisable for a better deal on the freight costs.

Method of Payment

We accept the payment by Telex Transfer / Wire Transfer.
Upon receiving the payment, we will send the Discus/Flowerhorn to you in five days time.

Live Delivery Guarantees

We take the greatest care and have over 6 years experience in packing and shipping of Discus/Flowerhorn. Discus/Flowerhorn are selected at least three days before shipping for purging. Should there be any DOA's , we must be informed immediately.
Proof of DOA's must be produced by photos. We will replace the Discus/Flowerhorn Fishes in your next order.

We guarantee 100% live delivery.

Freight Charges
All freight charges must be sent together with Discus/Flowerhorn payment.
An Airwaybill number will be sent to you prior to shipping so you can trace you shipment.


In each box, you can order different strains and different size and put together.
All discus are packed individually and oxygenated in high-density PE double bags. Per Airline regulations our discus are packed to survive a minimum of 48 hours.
Optimum water condition is used to reduce stress while travelling and to ensure all discus arrive in excellent condition.
Discus/Flowerhorn are placed into quality polyfoam box and covered with thick 2-ply paper carton box to provide maximum protection during transportation.
Each box weight is on average 17 kg.

Packing Details

Packing and materials costs is 400.00 I.N.R  per box
Misc cargo agent charges for transport of boxes to airport and documentation: Depending
 on airport and airline used.Estimate about: 1500.00 I.N.R  to 5000.00 I.N.R  per shipment

box of Discus Fish can pack  :   

S size5-6cm40pcs
SM size7-8cm
M size9-10cm20pcs
ML size11-12cm
L size13-14cm12pcs
XL size14-15cm7pcs
XXL size15 & above4pcs
*** All discus Fishes are measured from
Mouth to Starting of tail***

box of Champion Line Discus can pack  :   

S size6cm30pcs
SM size9cm
M size10-12cm16pcs
L size13-14cm7pcs
XXL size15 & above4pcs
*** All Discus Fishes are measured from
Mouth to Start of tail***